C4 Corvette History

1984 marked the first year of the C4 (4th) generation Corvette.  The production ran from 1984-1996 and all C4 Corvette parts were unique as this new style was completely redesigned for the first time in 15 years. No longer fiberglass, bodies were made from molding plastics and the C4 corvette was the first generation to have an all glass hatch in general production and the electronic dash was introduced

With new emissions standards robbing horsepower and electronic engine management in its infancy, the focus was on handling and all C4 Corvette parts for the suspension were designed to not only handle well but ride comfortable. It wasn’t until 1992, when Chevrolet introduced the second generation LT1, we saw horsepower rise to Corvette lovers standards

There were a few unique milestones in the Corvette C4 run. The introduction of the Doug Nash 4+3 transmission which incorporated a 4 speed manual transmission with an automatic overdrive in the top 3 gears ,  two anniversary editions with the 35thand 40th, and two Indy pace cars one of which was the first convertible since 1975.